Frequently asked questions

Q: Are these outdoor wreaths?

A: People will always do with their wreaths what they choose to do. However, I recommend that if your front door is not enclosed, covered by a porch, or protected in some way from the elements, that you practice caution when displaying wreaths on your front door. Many flowers are professionally dyed and if they become wet, colors will run, flowers will shrivel, and you will be very sad! I don't want my customers to be sad!

Q: What size is right for me? And How can I hang a grapevine wreath?

A: My most popular sellers are the eighteen inch wreaths. This size sits wonderfully above a mantle or on a front (protected) door. However, I find that people enjoy giving and receiving eight and ten inch wreaths as gifts, as they are easy to put just about anywhere.  Grapevine wreaths are incredibly easy to hang as the intertwining branches provide strong support. I hang mine on a long, thin nail or screw.

Q: Are ALL of your flowers dried?

A: Occasionally, you will find an artificial flower or plant attached to a wreath. However, I will specify in the description if an artificial flower is used. Mostly, this occurs with Christmas wreaths because sometimes you just need an enormous, teal blue, bedazzled poinsettia in your life. 

Q: How long do they last?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, and I usually respond that you will likely get sick of the wreath before it becomes too dull to enjoy. I have thrown away a wreath after being out on display for one year, because it just became too dusty. But think about the other decor in your home; if you are like me, you probably like to change things up at least once a year, if not every season. If you have a springtime/summer wreath that you keep up only during those two seasons, that wreath will keep nicely in a box until next year.