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A taste of some of my popular designs (see more in my shop)


Big, bold, and sassy, this eighteen inch wreath is just bright enough. Grivellea sage surrounding the perimeter releases a savory fragrance to the room. Red roses mute the exciting pop of yellow billy button, pink button, and yellow broom bloom. Hints of deep purple complement delicate sprigs of lavender dispersed throughout. Burgundy cockscomb and hints of blue Echinops provide texture and dimension. 


This bright, twelve inch wreath can make the season feel like summer in February. Sunflower and saffron simply burst forth from this wreath and scream “JUICY!” Wild grivellea sage and canary grass stretching off of the grid remind you that no rules exist in art. This one is all about color.

My Artichoke Heart 

This lady has it all, but a sweet artichoke flower at the bottom ties the colors together. Built upon an eighteen inch grapevine wreath, sage and canary grass add a couple of extra inches around. White roses mute loud cockscomb and golden sunflowers. 

February 25th

Warm, sultry velvet cockscomb paralleled with a large handful of french lavender warm your home. Dried winter berries, pink larkspur, and berry broom bloom together are in style from fall through February 25th, precisely.  Eighteen inches of seasonal, warm dried flowers sits comfortably above a mantle.

Custom and pre-made wreaths and floral crowns

Infinity Wreaths using flowers from weddings and funerals (local Pittsburgh service)


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